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regularly to the royal treasury. Accordingly Nagama Nayaka
advanced on the Cola, killed him in battle and became lord of
the Cola country. Contrary to the Raya's orders, he began to rule,
assuming independence, the Pandyan kingdom also without
handing it over to its lawful owner. The king of Vijayanagara
became enraged and called upon Visvanatha Nayaka, the son
of the self-same Nagama Nayaka. to march against his father to
bring him back to subjection. Visvanatha, in strict obedience
to the king's orders, marched against his own father, defeated
him in battle and restored to the Pandya his kingdom. The
Pandyan king was greatly pleased and as he had no progeny,
adopted Visvanatha as his own son and bestowed his kingdom
upon him. The Raya was greatly pleased when he heard of all
these events."

The Cola kingdom had no proper king. Acyuta made it
over to one Cevvappa Nayaka to whom he gave his wife's
sister, Sturti Amma, in marriage.

Balij'avamsapuranam^ pp. 44-5.

Acyutadeva Maharaya, the king of Grhanagiri and Vidya-
nagara, made Visvanathasvami Nayadu, the son of Kotakam
Nagama Nayadu of the Eoyal Treasury, who was born on
Thursday, Vaisakha su 15, Prabhava corresponding to i A 1354
the ruler of the Pandya, the Cera, the Cola and the Malayala
countries, as a reward for the meritorious services which he
rendered to the state. The boundaries of the territory entrusted
to him are: in the east, the sea and Mannarkota; in the
south-east, Anantagayanam; in the south, Grudalluru; in the
south-west, Pedderu (Periyar), Koyamutturu and Valayar; in
the west, the Ghats; in the north, Valikonda and the
Svetanadi; in the north-east, Tanjanagaram extending as far
as the KEverl. The rivers that flow within this territory are t
the Ubhaya-ESverT, the Tamrapa,rnl, the Citra, the Kira, the
the Vegravala, the Niksepa, the Varaha, the Surabhl,